The project is considered as multi sector development project with provision of drinking water, meeting irrigation deficit and quality improvement of existing irrigation systems, introducing commercial agriculture development and provision of industrial water requirement of Greater Hambantota proposed industrial development area. After implementation the project will provide annually 154 MCM water for industrial development in Greater Hambantota area, 124 MCM of drinking water for 25 Divisional Secretariats areas in Galle, Matara, and Hambantota districts, 111 MCM of water for existing agricultural lands of about 40,000 ha in Muruthawela LB, Urubokka Oya (Udukiriwela), Kirama Oya (Muruthawela RB), Walawe Ganga and Malala Oya and 8500 ha of new agricultural lands including   commercial agriculture development.


In addition to that the project improves about 90 km of roads in and around the project area connecting major road networks on either side of three weir sites and with construction of new road bridges incorporating to the proposed weirs and it is expected to produce 66 Gwh/yr from power plant at Kotapola and 6.5 GWh/yr from power plant at Muruthawela.


The total project cost is USD 690 million and relevant agreement has been signed with China CAMCE Engineering Co.Ltd to enter into an Engineering Procumbent and Construction (EPC) contract.


Further negotiations with regard to the commencement of this project were held by the Official Committee on Economic Management and thereby, the Ministry was instructed to submit a Cabinet Memorandum to get the approval for the implementation of this project in two stages.

Accordingly, a Cabinet paper is submitted to implement this project in two stages as follows.

  • China CAMCE Engineering Co. Ltd. is to review existing proposal deeply and enter into agreements with relevant authorities and furnishing of all data and information on project components necessary for the EIA study.
  • Completion of all construction works including detailed designs and planning.

Necessary measures are being taken by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs to appoint a committee under the chairmanship of the Secretary, MIWRM in order to conduct a detailed evaluation on the impact that can be occurred at the implementation of this project.


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