The Thalpitigala Reservoir is located about 3 km upstream of existing Bathmedilla anicut at a location near the village Hunuketiya (Dematapelessa)which will lead to enhance regulation and management of Uma Oya basin water resource ensuring environmental flow, irrigation requirement at Minipe Anicut, and irrigation requirement at Bathmedilla Scheme. It is envisaged to construct a 46 m high 15.83 MCM capacity reservoir across Uma Oya at Thalpitigala and planned to release 20 MCM water to Bathmedilla Scheme to improve irrigation facilities to 668 ha of paddy lands. In addition to that it is expected to generate 51.3 GWh of electrical energy.

Total Project Cost is US $ 174 Million.

The reports of preliminary feasibility studies and EIA studies of the projects have been finalized and got the approval. The contract for planning and construction have been awarded to China Synohydro Co.Ltd while negotiations are being conducted with China EXIM Bank for financial assistance. It is envisaged to commence construction works immediately after the financial contract is signed.