Sri Lanka is endowed with a hydraulic civilization natured by a rich Irrigation Heritage.  We are committed to keep these traditions alive by the development and management of the water and land resources for sustainable use.  While providing water for paddy cultivation, to produce the staple diet, rice for food security of the Nation, all other water needs of the respective Regions have to be fulfilled.  Our policies, plans and programs are geared to achieve these ends.

“Prosperous Sri Lanka through sustainable water  resources  development and management.”

Mission                                                                                            “Providing wellbeing of community & environment by fulfilling multiple water users through Water Resources  Development & Management.”

The Main Functions of the Ministry
  • Formulation & Execution of Polices, Programs and Projects related to the Ministry and institutions Comes under the Ministry purview
  • Development Water Resources and Irrigation Facilities
  • River Basins and Irrigation Systems Management Including Operation and Maintenance
  • Conservation and Protection of Water Sources and Irrigation Systems
  • Bulk Water allocation for Multiple Uses
  • Control of Pollution of Water sources and ensure quality of  Water
  • Prevention of Salt Water Extrusion to inland areas.
  • Drainage and Flood Protection
  • Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Institutional Development and Productivity Enhancement of Irrigation systems
  • Development, Monitoring and Management of Ground Water
  • Conversation of Rain Water and promoting Rain water harvesting programme.
The Main Objectives of the Ministry
  • Formulate policies and legislations related to allocation and regulation of  Water  Resources.
  • Provide guidance and direction to develop and regulate ground water resources.
  • Execute programmes and projects related to water resources development, modernization and rehabilitation.
  • Provide guidance and direction to mitigate flood and drought impacts on   irrigation eco systems
  • Provide guidance and direction for salt water extrusion in coastal areas
  • Provide guidance and direction to control of pollution and conservation of water sources
  • Provide guidance and direction to transfer irrigation system management to water user association (FOOs)
 Future Investments 
  • Establishment of Ground Water Monitoring network in selected Districts
  • Productivity Enhancement and Irrigation System Efficiency Improvement Project (PEISEIP) in Major Medium Irrigation Schemes
  • Mahaweli LB Lower Basin Development ( Kinniya, Kanthale)
  • Riverine Protection, Conservation & Management Programme
  • Procurement Machinery and Equipment for Groundwater Development projects and Research activities
  • Agro Eco tourism project (public Private Partnership)
  • Pilot project on converting Diesel & Electrical driven pumps to solar power driven pumps for Rajanganaya lift Irrigation scheme
  • Improvements to the Irrigation Tanks & Canals in sugarcane cultivation areas in Pelwatta
 Divisions and Branches of the Irrigation Ministry
Irrigation Development

Irrigation Special Project

Water Resources Planning

Additional Secretary



Director Genaral
Eng. (MS) P.M. Jayadeera



Ms. P.H.M.Piyadasa
Technical & Procurement Additional Secretary Eng. (Mr)W.K.S. Wickramapala
Administration Additional Secretary

Senior Assistant Secretary

Mrs.Sithari Chanika Nawarathna
Finance Chief Financial Officer
Productivity Improvement & Technical Audit Division Director Eng. Chandana Edirisooriya
Internal Audit Chief Internal Auditor Ms. E.W. Anusha P. Punyasiri

Budget 2020
Moving towards a properous Sri Lanka.


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