Administration Branch

The Administration Branch – Headed by the Additional Secretary (Administration) handle the administration and Established matters of all employees of the Ministry and the Departments and other Institutions functioning under the Ministry and support the overall Management.  Total Number of employees are of the order of…

Vision: To become an effective administrative unite in the public service in Sri Lanka

Mission: Paying much contribution in achieving goals of the ministry by proper maintenance of internal control and operation utilizing human resources effectively and efficiently in the conformity with the government rules and regulations

Objectives: Operation and evaluation of the administration of the Ministry in the maximum

Maintaining optimum staff which suit to the objectives and functions of the ministry

Proper coordination among Ministries and other public institutes

Maintaining a proper office management for the upliftment of the quality of the services of the Ministry

Upliftment of the satisfaction of the staff and clients


1. Delivery of letters pertaining to the parliamentary consultation committee /public petition committees and parliamentary questions and compose answers on due date and updating said documents

2. Ensuring the efficiency in the daily postal activities (sending and receiving)

3. Setting telephone bills

4. Granting official identity cards to officers in the Ministry

5. Reserving pool vehicles on the order of the request made for transport facilities on priority

6. Registration of all vehicles in the Ministry and renewal of insurance before due date, assigning vehicles to the officers depending their request and post, repairing vehicles, granting monthly fuel

7. Taking action as per financial regulations 104 and 105

8. Obtaining the approval for issuing warrants of duty free vehicles requested by officers of the Ministry, Department of Irrigation, Mahaweli Authority and Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau

9. Attaching officers to relevant divisions who report for  duty in the Ministry on appointment or transfer once relevant letters are submitted

10. Maintaining personnel files of the staff in the Ministry and carrying out establishment activities such as transfers and promotions

11. Carrying out establishment activities pertaining to institutes such as Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, central engineering consultancy bureau water resources board.

12. Maintainance and updating duties in respect of disciplinary files   and relevant circulars and other regulations of staff in the Ministry and Department

13. Maintenance of personal files of staff officers in Irrigation management division

14. Carrying out activities regarding foreign leaves of all officers in the Ministry and other institutes under Ministry

15. Preparing recruitment procedures for the posts in the establishment and forwarding them for the approval of public services Commission

16. Making arrangements for the approval of staff under FR 71

17. Issuing monthly railway season tickets and railway warrants

18. Granting the approval of overtime and traveling allowances of the officers in the Ministry and  the Department at the end of every month and forwarding it to the account section

19. Referring duly perfected applications of Agrahara to Agrahara insurance division

20. Granting training opportunities to the staff in the Ministry if requested

21. Recruitment of trainees and attaching them to suitable divisions

22. Iplementation of government language policy

23. Implementation evaluation and conclusion of the Management Rehabilitation Committees in the Ministry and reporting it to the Ministry of Public Management Rehabilitation

24. Acknowledgement of relevant institutes regarding public complaints and granting reliefs    for them as soon as possible

25. Granting approval for the documents pertaining to distress loan, property loan requested by officers of the Ministry and Irrigation Management Division   under the Ministry

26. Establishment activities of officers and   employees   belonging to combined service in the Department

27. Establishment activities of Engineers, Engineering Assistants, Accountants and officers of supra grade of Public Management Assistant service