• Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP)

126                                                                                                                                            Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP) is formulated jointly by GOSL and WB as a comprehensive programme to reduce the adverse impact of climate change and to adopt the stock of infrastructure to extreme climate shocks. The climate resilience encompasses a dual function, to absorb shock as well as to self-renew.

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  • Gin Nilwala Diversion Project


The project is considered as multi sector development project with provision of drinking water, meeting irrigation deficit and quality improvement of existing irrigation systems, introducing commercial agriculture development and provision of industrial water requirement of Greater Hambantota proposed industrial development area. After implementation the project will provide annually 154 MCM water for industrial development in Greater Hambantota area, 124 MCM of drinking water for 25 Divisional Secretariats areas in Galle, Matara, and Hambantota districts, 111 MCM of water for existing agricultural lands of about 40,000 ha in Muruthawela LB, Urubokka Oya (Udukiriwela), Kirama Oya (Muruthawela RB), Walawe Ganga and Malala Oya and 8500 ha of new agricultural lands including   commercial agriculture development.

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  • Lower Malwathu Oya Project

phoca_thumb_l_image02phoca_thumb_l_image06                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Proposed Malwathu Oya Reservoir is located across Malwathu Oya at Kappachchi which lies in Anuradhapura and Vavuniya Districts. This project envisages construction of 209 MCM capacity reservoir, 3,590 m long earth dam, Radial Gated Spillway, Left Bank, Right Bank and River Sluices, Canal systems to new settlement area and power house.

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  • Thalpitigala Reservoir Project


                                                       The Thalpitigala Reservoir is  located about 3 km upstream of existing Bathmedilla anicut at a location near the village Hunuketiya (Dematapelessa)which will lead to enhance regulation and management of Uma Oya basin water resource ensuring environmental flow, irrigation requirement at Minipe Anicut, and irrigation requirement at Bathmedilla Scheme.


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