Location Kurunegala & Puttlam district
Reservoir capacity 75 MCM
Irrigable area 27,000 acres
Beneficiaries 11,500 farmer families
TEC Rs. 13,540 million
LB Main canal 45km
RB Trans-basin canal 36.5km


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At present water is issuing to Inginimitiya Reservoir (Puttlam district) Magalla reservoir (Nikaweratiya) about 300 minor tanks in Wariyapola DS division, Kotawehera, Kobeiganea & Mahawa DS division and extent of over 30 thousand in above area has been cultivated both in Yala & Maha seasons during 2015th and 2016th

Head works of the project was completed and His Excellency the President has declared open the project on 22nd November 2014.

Rs. 11,262.32 Million has been already utilized at end of July 2016. Now project is completed.

In addition to this, drinking water supply project from Daduru Oya Reservoir has started. Drinking water benefit is for 3000 families has started.

Development of damaged Sengal oya anicut (Lower Daduru Oya Project) is done under Daduru oya project as phase II. Total allocation for this is Rs.1000.00 Mn & area benefited is 3500 acs.