The main objective of this project is to stabilize and increase agricultural production in some selected major medium irrigation schemes by rehabilitating the essential components of the downstream canal system. There are 109 major irrigation schemes which serve for 586 323 acs & 254 Medium schemes which serve for 96333 acs under Irrigation Department. Many of those schemes are now under rehabilitating state due to various reasons. The project ; Essential Rehabilitation of Selected Major Irrigation Scheme has been started in 2009 under annual budget allocation to do identified essential  rehabilitation works in those schemes.


The rehabilitation works of more than 150 irrigation schemes have been done from 2009 by the end of year 2015. This year, it has been planned to do essential rehabilitation works in 110 irrigation schemes and most of them have been started already. The financial progress at each year is shown in table 1& physical progress up to end of July in 2016 is shown in table 2

Summary of financial progress (Year wise)

Year Expenditure /Rs. Mn


2009 11.3
2010 102.04
 2011 172.73
2012 1217.58
 2013 657.42
2014 634.81
2015 559.00
2016 ( End of July)           173.82


Physical progress in 2016 at end of July

Items Physical progress
60 100% completed
45 >50%
125 > 25%
50 <25%


Apart from this expenditure for rehabilitation works, Rs. 1115 million has been incurred in 2012/2013 under this project for the Accelerated Development Programme for enhancing the living conditions of the people affected drought. Therefore total expenditure of the project at the end of July 2016 is Rs. 3508.67 million.