Location Ampara district (Uhana)
Reservoir capacity 7800  ac.ft
Irrigable area 1500 acres.
TEC Rs. 1481. 40 million

Construction of bridge across the Kalugal oya, construction of RE’s office, Power supply to Head Work site, construction of work shop & construction of stores have been completed. Construction of access road stage 1 & 2 were achieved 78% & 62% physical progress respectively. Construction of Main Bund 23% completed. 30% of Spillway and 10% of sluice constructions have been completed and construction of channel system 12% completed. Cumulative expenditure at the end of July 2016 was Rs. 267.60 million.  Rs. 25.00 million allocation is granted for the year 2016 & 13% cumulative physical progress has achieved at the end of July 2016.