Location Monaragala district
Beneficiaries 2500 farmer families
TEC Rs. 550 million

21                                                                                This project is proposed to augment one medium tank namely Debara Ara Wewa in Wellawaya Divisional Secretary Division and about 22 minor tanks. Estimated cost of the project is Rs. 550 Mn. and estimate to be revised. The allocation for year 2016 is Rs. 150 million.  Overall average physical progress of the project was 90% and Rs.586.45 million has been utilized up to the end of July 2016.

18 numbers of minor tanks are completed.  Following works are in progress.

Overall Physical Progress (%) Financial Progress
TEC Rs. Mn Expenditure
Debara Ara Feeder Canal 50% 140 56.84
Watagala ara Tank 90% 49.30 31.855
Mallipotha tank Head works completed IFF in progress 535.0 406.1