Location Hambantota district
Reservoir capacity 64 MCM
Irrigable area 10,000 ha
Beneficiaries 8000 farmer families
TEC Rs. 2900 million
LB Main canal 45km


Image result for Menik Ganga (Weheragala) Reservoir Project  Image result for Menik Ganga (Weheragala) Reservoir Project

The Weheragala project was started in 2005 and the construction of the reservoir and conveys system was completed in 2009 and some additional works were commenced. Total Estimated cost of the project is Rs. 2900 million and the total expenditure up to end of July 2016 was Rs. 2489.59 millions.

The physical progress of the project was 99.8% & currently following works are carried out under Weheragala Project.

Description Physical Progress
1. Completion  of  Weheragala Scheme 100%
2. Completion of Attikawa anicut 100%
3. Rehabilitation of LB/ RB main canal in Lunugamwehera 80%
4. Improvements to canal system under 5 tanks of Ellagala Scheme 80%