The project is located in the Baddegama, Bope Poddala,  Weliwita Divitura   and Hikkaduwa   DS Divisions in Galle District. Irrigation Department has implemented the Gin Ganga Regulation Project with aid of the Chinese government during late 70’s. The project was completed and commenced its operation in 1982.

The main objectives of the project are successfully survived by the project more than 30 years.  If this rehabilitation will not be done followings objectives might be failed and high damage may occur.

  • Providing flood control and drainage facilities for 5000 hectares of paddy lands so that whole area could be cultivated both Yala and Maha seasons without much troubles.
  • Protecting human lives and their valuable properties from frequent flood experience in the area before the project. Around 20,000 families in the area are directly benefited presently as the objectives are successfully achieved by the project.

Expert team from the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) has been recommended the replacing of all mechanical components with new items in 2009.

Total estimated cost of the Project Rs.700 million & Proposed Duration of the Project is 36 months.

Construction and improvements to gate and pump house is in progress.

Allocation for the year 2016 is Rs.125.00 million and Cumulative expenditure at the end of July 2016 was Rs.32.47 million. Cumulative physical progress was 9% to end of July 2016.