Senanayake samudhraya

Galoya reservoir currently defined as Senanayaka Samudraya is the largest and very special among other reservoirs in Sri Lanka in various manners.  The  earthen dam already built is for that reservoir.  Senanayake Samudraya (reservoir) which is the large scale irrigation construction after the freedom from British imperialists is a memorial for remembrance forever.  On the other hand Irrigation Department has gifted to the nation this Senanayake reservoir on behalf of its diamond jubilee.

Galoya multipurpose project is distinctive irrigation system which started in the year 1949 and completed in 1953. There are much more evidences to prove that its constructions are done with keen observation and scientifically with a much dedication.  No considerable leak had been reported through its earthen dam bearing massive capacity of water while no submerge or crack in concrete structures.  Remaining sediment in Senanayake reservoir is minimum compared to other reservoirs due to good maintenance. This construction portrays a good example to the present too on long term benefits of following good governance and quality protection systems.

Senanayake reservoir which consist a catchment area of 384 square miles has been constructed by the earthen dam of which is 3600 feet in length and 140 feet in height comprising 2 million cubic yards of soils.  This can store 770000 acre feet capacity of water.  A concreter spill of which is 1020 feet in length has been constructed far away from the main dam to inspections. It is 770 feet in spill length and 60 feet in height comprising 6 doors and distributes water by the sluice with 13 feet in diameter. Galoya scheme generate hydropower as multipurpose project Capacity of hydropower plant used Penstock tubes has of which is 714 feet in length and 10 feet in diameter, 4 generators its capacity of electricity is 1 mega watts (1000 kilowatts).

Irrigation water is provided for 120000 cultivated lands by left and right ways. Left canal way and right canal way are 32 miles in length and 22 miles in length respectively. It is not a strange thing eastern province being a flourished paddy field after prince Saddhathissa. Senanayake reservoir provides various services in addition to providing irrigation water generating electricity. Control flood in Galoya plain and aquaculture in fresh water are some of them. You can see gigantic Senanayake reservoir at the foot of Inginiyagala mountains located between Siyabalanduwa and Ampara.